Bloomington Cooking School Calendar

2019 Bloomington Cooking Fall Semester


Ivy Tech: Picnic Fun
Saturday, September 14, 10am-12pm
David Davenport

Help David create the perfect Picnic fare. His menu include Country Potato salad, Gluten free fried chicken, Crispy Cole Slaw, and Cucumber Onion Salad, with Coconut Cake for dessert. We might have to head outside to enjoy this class. Registration is through Ivy Tech-812-330-4400/ $65

Ivy Tech: German Cuisine
Saturday, October 12, 10am-12pm
David Davenport

Chef David celebrates Octoberfest with a German inspired menu. His menu includes Sour cream salad, Potato Latkes, Sauerbraten finished with German Chocolate Cake for dessert. Registration is through Ivy Tech-812-330-4400/ $65

Knife Skills
Saturday, October 19, 10am-12pm
David Davenport

Half the fun of cooking is the joy of using the tools, and the satisfaction in expertly slicing, dicing, and chopping. When used skillfully, the knife becomes an extension of the good cook’s hand. Gain confidence, competence, and pleasure in the work when we use our chosen tools as naturally as we use our own hands. All that practice is hungry work, and our chefs would never dream of having guests without feeding them! A light lunch is provided. $65

Focus on Umami with Sushi Rolls
Saturday, October 26, 10am-12pm
Masahiko Kitayama

Umami is the fifth basic taste proved scientifically. In Western cuisine, varieties of sources of Umami such as meat, cheese and tomato have been used as major sources of Umami. We will roll sushi as well as create appetizers and dessert by focusing on different Umami found in a variety of ingredients such as shiitake mushroom, dried bonito, dried sardine, konbu and green tea. $65


Ivy Tech: Scott’s Shortbread and Scones
Saturday, November 9, 10am-12pm
Scott Marsh

This class features Scott Marsh, former owner of the Red Chair Bakery, and his marvelous scones. You’ll get hands-on experience making the best scones in town. Add to the mix Scott’s shortbread and David Davenport’s recipe for lemon curd, and you have the perfect breakfast or teatime treats. Registration is through Ivy Tech-812-330-4400 $65

Wintry Soups and Quick Breads
November 23, 10am-12pm
David Davenport

Soup is a meal, and learning how to make luscious soup that satisfies the appetite and the eye is a must. Together we tackle making a variety of soups including Potato Leek and Mulligatawny Soup, while Chef David prepares his lovely date bread and cornbread. Hone your skills with us, and enjoy a delicious lunch. $65


Ivy Tech: Holiday Wines with Party food
Saturday, Dec. 7, 6-8pm
Jack Baker & Jan Bulla-Baker

Discussing styles and nuance, Jack will enhance your appreciation of a variety of wines focusing on Holiday tastes. You’ll also learn to create some accompanying appetizers and tasty tidbits to complement the wines. So join us in a tasting of wines with an assortment of goodies to celebrate the end of the year. Registration is through Ivy Tech-812-330-4400/ $65

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