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Here’s the plan – I am attempting to retire from the Bloomington Cooking School- it may take a few years, but I know we will continue to partner with our friends at Ivy Tech this spring and WonderLab this summer for kids’ classes. I’ll be offering a few classes of our own with Chef David Davenport who works as a personal chef and helps with classes here at the school. Jack and I will be traveling this spring on and off throughout the semester.

I’ll also continue to offer private group classes that range from $260 to whatever it works out to be. I look around at cooking classes throughout the world, and we are still a bargain. I do think we may be offering a few more wine classes – maybe pop-up classes- in our cozy library – limiting the number of students and focusing on specific wines on the higher end and served with tapas style appetizers.

Wishing you all a great new year, one in which you expand your tastes and culinary interests, and come cook with us.

Phone 812.333.7100 for more information.Phone 812.333.7100 or visit ww.bloomingtoncookingschool.com.

Class ideas:
Knife Skills, Fun with Phyllo, Scones and Shortbread, Red Wine Primer,
Fresh Pasta Perfect, Vegetarian Cooking with an Asian flavor, White Wine Primer, "Best Morning Ever!", Hot Soup and Quick Breads, Crazy for Chocolate, Crazy for Crêpes, April in Paris, Armenian Cuisine, Asian appetizers, Russian Soul Food, Wunderbar: German Cuisine, Mediterranean Cooking , White Wines of the World, Red Wines of the World, Mexican Cuisine, Pies, pies, pies, New World Bounty, Tapas Party, Under the Tuscan Moon, Spice of Life, Comfort Cuisine, Caribbean Cuisine

Featured 2019 Class

knife skillsKnife Skills
Saturday, March 2, 10am-noon
David Davenport

Half the fun of cooking is the joy of using the tools, and the satisfaction in expertly slicing, dicing, and chopping. When used skillfully, the knife becomes an extension of the good cook’s hands. Gain confidence, competence, and pleasure in the work when we use our chosen tools as naturally as we use our own hands. All that practice is hungry work, and our chefs would never dream of having guests without feeding them! $59
Knife Skills


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